'Iran media ban violates human rights'
Press TV News Director Hamid Reza Emadi says a wave of attacks launched by international s...
published: 02 Jul 2013
Iran: Media blackout
Iran has imposed strict media restrictions on both foreign and Iranian journalists ahead o...
published: 13 Jun 2013
author: Euronews
Iran media ban, War on Free Speech
Several international satellite providers, including Eutelsat and Intelsat, have stopped t...
published: 01 Jul 2013
Syria Still Has Chem Weapons / Iran Media Says Israel Rebuilding Temple
Middle East madness http://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also http://debka.com also http://ww...
published: 07 Feb 2014
USA War on Iran: Media Conspiracy
The real reason USA wants to war on Iran and its efforts to keep the truth from the Americ...
published: 13 Nov 2010
'EU ban on Iran media step towards military intervention'
Nineteen Iranian state-run TV and radio stations have been taken off air in the EU. The de...
published: 16 Oct 2012
author: RussiaToday
France's Eutelsat refuses to discuss Iran media ban
The decision by Paris-based telecommunications company Eutelsat to remove all 19 Iranian m...
published: 05 Nov 2012
author: AllTVNews
Intelsat's Iran media ban, linked to NSA spying: Ralph Schoenman
Press TV has conducted an interview with Ralph Schoenman, political commentator, about the...
published: 28 Jun 2013
Listening Post - Iran's media: The new red lines
On the Listening Post we track the treatment of media around the world. With the muzzling ...
published: 02 Feb 2013
TRUTH AND POWER; IRAN MEDIA SCARES US AND EUROPE; Media blackouts, Freedom of speech, Democoracy
A Beirut-based political analyst tells Press TV Hispasat's decision to take Iran's Press T...
published: 22 Dec 2012
Mainscream Media: Iran hysteria stirring up in US
Anti-Iranian rhetoric from Israel and Western powers seems to be having some impact on the...
published: 24 Feb 2012
author: RussiaToday
Talk to Al Jazeera - Ali Jannati: 'Unblocking social media in Iran'
The Islamic Republic's culture minister discusses political change, media freedom and Iran...
published: 11 Jan 2014
Iran's media reacts hysterically to opposition leader's visit to European Parliament
The Iranian regime's officials and media outlets have reacted hysterically to a European P...
published: 13 Apr 2014
Corporate Media's Deceitful News on Iran & Nuclear Power Issues
Fair reporting on Iran is rare, see how unfair corporate media is when reporting on Iran. ...
published: 18 Nov 2013
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Media War In Iran
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2 Great Countries Iraq and Iran Denigrated By The Media - Letter from France
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Devolution: Iran Media and Executions 04.26.14
Ahmadreza Baharloo,Siamack Shojai, Shabnam Assadollahi review the current events in Iran....
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WOW- Slide show of images in Iran MEDIA WILL NOT SHOW YOU
Bush lied about WMD in Iraq, Bush lied about Iraq being involved in 9/11, and as many as 6...
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